STORY | Tinsilone

TINSIL”ONE”, the brand created in 1979 by the entrepreneur Omento Silvestro today has become famous in Italy and Europe thanks to his sons Pasquale and Gianni.
This thanks to the entrepreneurial ability of the two growing stylists who after their studies and continuous updates in the textile and fashion industry have started an exclusive and direct route to the large sizes clothing sector. Men’s large sizes men and women’s large sizes. The idea is to dress all overweight people in young and fashionable clothing, classic and luxury clothing, with products exclusively of Italian quality and especially by well-known and historical brands.

The effort of the two young entrepreneurs has succeeded after years of hard work with no rest and no pause. A great commitment to shaped and comfortable sizes.

Valentino today is the official supplier of TINSIL”ONE” thanks to a total look of trousers-jeans-shirts-suits-jackets-coats-heavy jackets etc.. together with best materials such as LoroPiana, Cerruti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Piacenza, Lessona, Angelico, Reda, Duca Visconti of Modrone and many more.

Many Italian Leader brands in men and women’s clothing constantly and carefully follow Tinsil”one” with seasonal and flash ready made collections, always giving the maximum in service and quality, reorders in 48 hours. The entire commitment exclusively for larger sizes. The entrepreneurial policy of the two young stylists is to never stop, and to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, always offering unique and exclusive products. In addition to large sizes Tinsil”one” opened in January 2012 a new section dedicated to regular sizes.


And then in 2005 Pasquale and Gianni had the brilliant idea to create a new brand called Giancarlos&Pascal larger sizes in men and women’s clothing. The first prototypes presented in Milan Vende Moda, at the Fashion Industry meeting in Saint Petersburg, at the CPM in Moscow have reflected a new era for larger sizes. No company up to now had thought of creating young, fashionable clothes for those with a few extra kilos.

Today the collections Giancarlos&Pascal vary from classic to sporty for women, to fashion trendy and luxury for the most demanding men who love the original Made in Italy.

The work of Tinsil”one” does not end here.. There are more than 6.000 clients at the retail point in Albenga, as well as 100 retailers in Italy and 50 in Europe.

The sizes and drops are infinite, the care for detail and wearability are due uniquely to the sartorial experience of Gianni and Pasquale, who have studied in the best Institutes in Milan and Rome.

Today those who arrive in Albenga to visit the retail point are awed by the thousands of items out on display, by the huge range, by the impressive choice that the brands offer, by the trendy colours and by the seriousness and professional attitude that the Company offers its customers.

One of the few companies in Italy specializing in men’s and women’s large sizes clothing is only and exclusively TINSIL”ONE”.

We thank our customers who for over 20 years have shown loyalty and trust towards us.